New PERSONA 5 Footage Features Confidants

With Final Fantasy XV finally released, it is easy to look towards the next big JRPG. And while my mind goes to several upcoming titles, one blatantly stands out. Persona 5 will hit the United States and Europe in April 2017. For the longest time very little news was heard about this title, but as the spring draws nearer Atlus is slowly releasing trailers, footage, and screenshots that would make any JRPG fan drool.

In the newest trio of videos we are introduced to several “confidants” that the silent protagonist can interact with. Depending on how the protagonist reacts will also alter just how these characters will help you in later events. The videos portray Hifui Togo, Sadayo Kawakami, and Toranosuki Yoshida.

Only time will tell how your interactions with each and every character will affect the world of Persona 5. Will they be more helpful or harmful to your journey?

Persona 5 will release for both Playstation 3 and Playstation 4 this coming April.

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