Hideo Kojima’s DEATH STRANDING Promises to Bring the Weird

Very few artists have the distinction of having their own style when it comes to the honing of their craft. Just as films carry the unmistakable aura of Quentin Tarantino, Hideo Kojima has proven himself as unique in the gaming industry. His next game, Death Stranding, shows all the stylings of Kojima’s signature “weirdness.”

While the project is still years away from completion, information is starting to release. Thankfully, Kojima has announced the game engine his production team will be using for development. After going on what he described as “a technology tour,” Kojima has chosen Guerrilla Games’ Decima. This is the same engine powering Guerilla’s upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn.

The most exciting reveal, however, is the announcement of Guillermo Del Toro and Mads Mikkelsen having roles in the game. After the cancellation of Kojima and Del Toro’s last effort – Konami’s Silent Hills – it’s heartening to see them collaborating again. And with Norman Reedus already announced as the protagonist, this project has turned into a happy reunion for the trio! The casting of Mikkelsen as the primary antagonist has me the most excited, however. The actor is known for his roles as Le Chiffre, the antagonist to Daniel Craig’s James Bond in Casino Royale, and more recently as Kaecilius, the villain in Marvel’s Doctor Strange.

Details on the story are intentionally vague. All the trailers have proven to be more teasers than anything else. This fact, however, hasn’t stopped the internet from coming up with a multitude of theories for the game. With the mix of modern military tech, post-apocalyptic setting, and surrealist science fiction atmosphere, there’s plenty of details to pour over. The most recent trailer’s inclusion of a seemingly deceased baby is one such example. With it’s prosthetic right arm, blue right eye, and missing left eye, there are more than a few similarities with Solid Snake/ Big Boss, the main characters of Kojima’s previous franchise, Metal Gear Solid. Keeping in mind the volatile demise of Kojima and Konami’s partnership – which culminated in Konami retaining the rights to his life’s work – the symbolism is not hard to pick up on.

Metal Gear Solid is my favorite franchise in any medium, so to say I’m looking forward to this game is an extreme understatement. Salivating over my computer screen will be my favorite past-time until more news is released.

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